Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freddy Martin - Dingbat The Singing Cat (Mossman Hoffman) HMV D6-VB-2

Freddy Martin - Dingbat the Singing Cat

Now the 40's were full of "novelty numbers" (in fact the 50's were mostly Novelty tunes!)
Here's a Nice little diity sure to make you scream in pain (if you like "long hair" sounds avoid this!)
Shades of Peter and the Wolf Anyone?
Les Brown and Duke Ellington recorded nice versions of Peter And The Wolf too, And Ill bung em up if you want (I think there Not in copyright, dukes maybe, hmmm)

This IS the very reason I like hunting out old 78's, I mean.... were else could you hear such "gems" and with so much life STILL left in em!

IF YOU like the material and want to hear more.. Buy em from ebay and send me the discs!

Sorry about the label, I Transferred many of the discs over 5 years ago and haven't seen many, like about 10-20 discs since (you SEEN the prices for em on EBAY recently?) so when I transfered this one I never took a Pic, they went my discs anyway. But enjoy.

RAPIDSHARE (Until I can afford REAL storage space!)
Freddy Martin - Dingbat The Singing Cat GOOD
Freddy Martin - Dingbat The Singing Cat TMNR
Freddy Martin - Dingbat The Singing Cat FAKE STEREO

Bob Crosby - Skaters Waltz DECCA

Another Bob Crosby tune,

A little less "dixie" that his Usual sides, and played by every band around that time!

A okish Decca Pressing, Slight distorion here and there (due to a wearing out with heavy steel needles!)

Ive Opened up the GOOD version a little bit so you can really hear those reeds blow.

Of course if anyone has anymore info about the peice and the band please tell! and ill bung it up here for all to enjoy.

Bob Crosby - Skaters Waltz GOOD
Bob Crosby - Skaters Waltz TMNR
Bob Crosby - Skaters Waltz FAKE STEREO