Thursday, November 6, 2008

Podcast No.2

Time for Another "regular" Bradcast of forgotten 78's

In this Broadcast you will "thrill" to the Sounds of

Fats Waller - I've Got A New Lease On Love (Young Albert) HMV OA07752
Woody Herman - Five Oclock Whistle (Irwin) DECCA 68160
Vdisc 812B - Peanut Butter - Peanuts Huck and his Vdisc Men
Vdisc 812A part 1 - That Old Black Magic Voc Dick Farney with Ray Bloch ork
Ted Steele - Solitude (Ellington) DECCA 68261
Oscar Rabin and his Scrict Tempo - Honeysuckle rose
Meade Lux Lewis - Yancy Special (lewis) DECCA 90561
Grame Bell - Black And White Rag (Botsford) Parlo CE13215
Godern Fleece 45 Little Things - Rikki Henderson
Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues COLUMBIA
George Shearing - For You (Burke-Dubin) MGM 50-S-227
George Shearing - Geneva's Move(Best) MGM 50-S-22B
Bobby Hackett - Clarinet Marmalade (Shields-Ragas) PARLIO UK LA2126
Glen Grey - Sunrise Serenade (Carle) DECCA 65035
Adventures In Stereo - Sal Salvidor - Yesterdays. Decca Test Stereo LP

Of course one or two of these Tracks my already be on the "blog" but the majority of them are "Unheard"

Its a 224kps Mp3

Podcast No.2

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

Very "Enoch Light" sounds from Mr Harnell.
My Parents had this record and played it when I was very young, when I got a bit older I trashed their copy and spent the best part of 20 years trying in vain to Replace it!!
About a year ago I found a copy "online" paid for it and only the other week It came in the post!!

I really love the way out arrangements of the tracks, and get that crazy "tuned" drums. way out!!

The copy I received in the mail was ok. it had several large scratches which i have fixed up (in fact you'd never know they were there!)
and lots of general "Crackle" but still it was in better Nick than Mine (looked like My copy had been used as a dinner plate)
I employed very little Noise Reduction (hardly any but enough to clean some "noise out") and some crackle removing.

There is some light crackle left but to remove this would "muddy up" the top end and hey, Its a million times better Now that it was!!

01 - Asphalt Jungle Theme (kennedy-Ellington)
02 - Love For Sale (Porter)
03 - Lullaby Of Broadway (Warren-Dubin)
04 - That Old Black Magic (Will Hudson)
05 - Blues In The Night (Mercer-Arlen)
06 - Midnight Maddness (Joe Harnell)
07 - You The Night And The Music (Dietz-Schwartz)
08 - Take The A Train (Strayhorn)
09 - In The Wee Small Hours (Hilliard-Mann)
10 - Night And Day (porter)
11 - Solitude (De Lange-Ellington-Mills)
12 - Easy To Love (porter)

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

This Time I've Used "Zip" as the compression format. as I've had a lot of emails in the past about my "Rar" archives. Which apparently not many of you can open. so in changing to the "zip" format you should have no problems opening these on any computer without any "special" software.

Tell me how you go!!

A "Podcast" of TS discs

What Have I been doing the last few weeks?. Well I'm trying to get Archives In Newcastle (or (anywhere) Interested in my copies of Transcription Discs which could be important "historically"

As any kind of work in Newcastle is pretty much Non-Existent (to an Audio Engineer and IT Professional) who Doesn't Drive a car. and has applied for more jobs that most people alive (always get's back to "do you own your own car") and due to the crazy "rent" that landlords charge here In Newcastle, I'm forced to move interstate to try to find a job. So Before I leave I'd like the City Of Newcastle to have these Discs that I have Saved from destruction a "home", Although they are not the original discs that I possess I do have Fine "Flat" transfers of the discs, and also have some "restored" versions I made myself.
So far the archive of abc (sydney) can only accept ABC bdcast material (a lot of the discs originated from 2K0) I have some interest with the Newcastle University and perhaps the Newcastle Museum.

I cobbled together a string of "bits" from these discs and made a "podcast" so that archives could hear bits of the discs. The discs were all in "dire" condition with some discs very "mint"!
All the bits in the "podcast" are my "good" restorations.

I was hoping that handing back these discs to some kind of "archive" could get a little bit of publicity which would surly help me obtain work. but this hasn't been the case.
as Ive seen over the years by reading the local newspapers whenever someone finds something remotely Old and hand's it to some museum some "hoopla" always surrounds the event. but when a chance of historical RECORDINGS, not just a few faded photos or a old anchor or some piece of antique furniture. this is Oral History that YOU Can emersce yourself in. but stone me no one cares. oh well that's why's there's so much Missing TV and Radio.

There's all kind's of rare material here. openings of various important buildings, Local Radio shows, an OB when the Queen visited Newcastle (presenters calling the "action" from various Rooftops), including her speeches. etc etc..

A "Podcast" of TS discs

Its a direct download Mp3. just a very quick "assembly" to around 10 mins to record. so expect dodgey production values and me repeating stuff I've said. It was just so "people in the know" could hear.