Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks for some of the comments!

Thanks guys for some of the fine remarks about some of the posts so far, Half the reason I started to do this was to find out as much information i could about these 78's and what better way than presenting them here and letting "those in the know" help me out!
There are still hundreds of 78's Ive put up here that no one has left a comment on! so if you have a little info or just to add your thanks or abject horror please do.

Great White Way Ork - Barney Google (Con Conrad) ZONOPHONE X-3-732

A tune I was first made aware of from a late 60's Enoch Light LP 'The Roaring 20's" or somthing like that.

Here's the Real Mcoy.

Again from the "older" discs ive recently (9 months ago) bought. all cost me about 2$AU each, and were in pretty poor condition, hence the noise! but the music still lives on..

Great White Way Ork - Barney Google GOOD
Great White Way Ork - Barney Google TMNR

Petograd Quartet - Volga Boatmen HMV UK 7-24000

Here's Another "oldie" Sorry no scan! I have the disc but it's 1200Km's away.

Of course we should all know about the "Swing" version Mr Miller gave us in 1939. here's are REAL Russian Recording from 20 years before!!

Petograd Quartet - Volga Boatmen HMV UK 7-24000 GOOD

Petograd Quartet - Volga Boatmen HMV UK 7-24000 TMNR

Six Brown Brown Brothers - Egyptland and Peter Gint ZONOPHONE X9581

Ok Ok, I know the name of the group is a bit un PC but bear with me,

When I was a wee lad a TV show called Doctor Who was one of my fav shows. now there was this "story" called Death To The Daleks (from 1974) that had as it's incidental music recorded with a "Saxophone Sexttete" and on the Dr Who story they used many audio effects on the "sexttete" recordings to give it a "out of this world" effect, and to good measure.

Now here is a recording of a real Sax Sexttete. and I like it very much, anyone know of any more recordings?

Six Brown Brown Brothers - Egyptland GOOD
Six Brown Brown Brothers - Egyptland TMNR
Six Brown Brown Brothers - Peter Gink GOOD
Six Brown Brown Brothers - Peter Gink TMNR

Will Evans loses his Umbrella ZONOPHONE X-41157 and Unvails a Statue

Like the other post and any future post of "older" discs, they are not in very good condition. In fact they are about the most worn and unplayable older discs ive seen. Ok the ONLY older discs ive seen!

so here we go, some "ENGLISH PATTER" ahoy here (see label!), not bad either and I have some more Will Evans if anyone cares.

Will Evans loses his Umbrella GOOD
Will Evans loses his Umbrella TMNR

Will Evans Unveils a Statue GOOD
Will Evans Unveils a Statue TMNR

Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins (BR Strother) ACO G-16039

About 9 months ago before leaving the city of Newcatle for Brisbane I bought some "oldies" yep some pre 1940 78's, and why not. the material is quite good !! and its a change from the big band stuff, well for me it is!

heres an example. I bought 2- or so discs for about 1-3$AU each. all in very poor condition, If your a collector or have seen a 78 up close, these were all "pited" IE: bits of the surface are gone. like some one sanblasted each side!. whether this is age or just poor storage I just don't know.; But all I DO know is I like what I hear.

so remeber each side has had a considerbale "restoration" applied. and when played there was so much surface and noise I wasent quite sure if there were any musical content, and yep after tryng about 7 diffreant stili!
so its just a warning. if you want to hear music that NO ONE has hearfd for 80- years great! and thanks!. if you want cristal clear recordings umm well... try to find better copys and give me a bell!
and no "fake stero" copies. not much point!! not much "bandwidth!"

Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins GOOD
Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins TMNR

Ernest J Gillegin - Silver Tide GOOD
Ernest J Gillegin - Silver Tide TMNR

HELP!!! camera "died" anyone with any suggestions on a Replacement

Ok as you may or may not know both of my digital camera's "died" within a week of each other (spooky or what)
I had a 5mp (which i only used at 3mp as 5mp was too compressed, can you say Oil Painting?) Kodak and a 5mp Sony. weird how they both went, and yes ive pulled em apart and check with a meter every component i can safely check. and apparently for both cameras its a common fault and the only solution is wel... the bin!!

so my post is this.. Im looking to replace the camera just to take photos of 78 and LP labels,covers. has anyone used one thats "ok" that can zoom in on a label and not "bugger up" a red and gold HMV?

I know this post may sound like ive good mad, but I may have found a second hand store in brisbane with 78's. and Ive just bought 2, at 80rpm and from the BBC. and would LOVE to post em here if i could "get" label "shots"

is there another way to do this, Ive tried in the past a Flat bed scanner (which i now dont have) but after snapping a "junky 4th copy" in half while tring to "flatten" the label so it would scan. I trhink flatbed scanners are Off Topic..

anyone with ant suggestions.? Ive got a few 78's ready to roll but need help!

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - at the Hammersmith Palais de Danse REGAL ZON R4907

As talked about on a previous post, But worth re quoting :
"What you might ask. This is about as appealing as "Victor Sylverster's Dance Discs"

BUT, These guys played the "Charts" as written. No ad libs or musical gubbins anywhere.

so I think they are very,very important. Because, Just think some young fellow is getting into jazz/swing whatever and hears say charlie Parker or some such blowing his natural top on "Blue Skies" He might be amazed or think its kinda twee. But remember He's never heard a "straight" version of the song... Ever.. and is unlikely too as well. so How can he appreciate all the other versions of this song. quite simply he can't.. not without hearing it played "straight" and then hearing what his fav muso does to it. Get my drift?"

so that was my opinion last year and little has changed, apart from the fact I now Know that a little "soloing" was allowed, this after looking at the offical 4 part "charts" or Ork copy.

of course its apparently a "live" recording, and yes it doses sound like an OB unit was involved, anyone know any details?

but hey one of the greatest songs ever written. so there!!

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - GOOD

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - TMNR
Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - Fake Stereo

the label "photo" was made under hurried conditions, I don't own the disc (in fact Ive never been fortunate enough to afford to but very many) so its a bit poor. sorry!