Friday, May 8, 2009

NZ Band Regal Zon

The "Other Side' May Apper if there's any interest.



Tiny Italian Record Player

Ok here's a Real treat, Ok not that much of a treat "musically" but a diversion none the less.
About 3 years ago and on merely a whim, I purchased this weird oddity.
Its a "Mini Record Player" The singles are small, damn small, and are all in Italian.

Its from 1969 I'm led to believe and it still works after some minor electronic work.
the singles are all recorded at 33 1/3 and the spindle diameter is the same as a "regular" LP.
So with my long transcription arm in place, and some minor cart modification, I used a standard 0.7mil Stily to transfer em, I tried smaller styli but Microgroove it was.

Most of the discs played back horribly, and I have about 5-8 discs.
So I picked a few that were musically interesting "well the best would not play all that well so here are

one or two have Fab "photo sleeves" while most don't. Ill load them here as there is no "zip" file that contains everything.

Bloody El, Like our "libary Lp's" performed by "session men" Covers. corr

And just like our chepo cover discs the back is a let down, Bahhh, Love to hear the other Waxing though

Ok Here's The Track
Gionchetta - Balla Balla Ballerina

It's the A Side "Apparently" anyone up to Translate these?

Gionchetta - Vedianoci Domenica

Oh Gawd, Now im not "racist" against Italians or nowt, but how some of the vowels are "sung" horrifys me.
When I first played this waxing I ran to the hills and waited till it finished!
I'd love to know whats going on in the song, Something about Cowly being in Malaysha, I take it not a Nod to ITV's The Professionals .Ok.... But thats how Im taking it.

Miriam Martinez - Malaysha OVER INT-10074

An "Epic" song I take it, A LOT of the Italian/Greek Songs ive heard from dusty 45's have this kind of "epicness"
Would love more

Popi - Te Ne Vai

Come on! Remember Arther Brown's 60's Oddity called "FIRE!" yeh that one, I used to play it a lot on "overnight" radio shows I did in another life. (People Requested it! and its kinda Cool) Ok you do 30 hrs of your own programming per week and try NOT to repeat anything, I could !
Here's the Italian version. yep Fuoco, say that 10 times.

Popi - Fuco

Thats a sampling of the discs I have, Would love to own more. and have enjoed playing the discs in the background when up to my arms in Vintage electronic "guts".

In fact this was the only battery radio I had when the Newcastle Floods came and we went underwater. I was awake for 2 days listing to the local ABC bdcasts on this! Its now in "bits" waiting repair. "bloody copper contacts broke" which "start the disc" yep those bloody copper "fingers" snapped while i had a lend of a HD camera to "film" the thing in operation for this blog, Bloody Tyipical. mutters off like Tony Hancock

Humphrey Lyttelton EP

Humph Left us recently, Brit Trumpter and all round good guy.

In fact one of the things I always wanted to do was attend a recording of ISIHAC.
Check out the pic, Still Blowing at 85!!

I first Knew him from the Broadcasts of I'm Sorry I Havent A Clue, A very good british Pannel Game for Radio 2. among them some of the members of "Im Sorry I'll Read That Again" of which I have all the shows, and all Uncut too! (the bbc threw them out mid 70's ISIRTA)

Some Interesting Cuts, Let me know what you think.
(I think Shiny Stickings must have been the late 50's to mid 60's Number that most bands covered!)
I got the 45 a year ago at the Dump. No joke. a little worn but okish!

Humphrey Lyttelton ARC 1965

Its A zip File, With All artwork.

TS - Lady In Distress

This Apparently was deleted by Rapidshare, So it's now back.

Another worn old TS discs given some Digital Polish

TS Grace Gibson - Lady In Distress Epp 4

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dixieland Played By The Left Bank Bearcats

Before I left NSW to Sunny Queensland I transfered some 500+ LP's, Mainly Out of copyright Lp's that I could post here.

Well somehow, and dont ask me how, Ive lost all the "Raw Dubs" I do have a small sampling of some restorations I did. And here's one. I'ts of no matter I lost the Transfers, as I still have the discs, although they are 1200 Kilometer's away!

Its A W&G Lp, (they rescored the Seekers First) and most defantly OOP!.

some Nice Dixiland, and some odd tunes too, the LP was a bit worn but as you hear it's sound great now.

It's a Zip file, Most computers will be able to handle this, If not get a free copy of WinZip.

Gotta love the Cover!

Dixieland By The Left Bank Bearcats

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Farewell Blues & Fascinating Rhytm

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Fascinating Rhytm (Gershwin) DECCA AU DLA1666

Now this is a departure to what I usaly post here,
Now before you exclaim But Ade a Big band fan isnt he?
Well yes of course but I like a HUGE range of music, Right up to the tuines of today, If I had my way I'd be presenting you with swing PLUS the albums which Ive restored that sound Much better the "ade way" Like say out of the hat, The Beatles, My beatles "rips" from vinal sound better than ANYTHING that's ever been, and yeas Ive hears ALL the rips around (DR Ebberts Et All). Why? its my bleeding Pre-Amp of course!
But the prob is I cant Up them here, Why? Ive had a BLOG before you see, A popular one, while it lasted.
And had 78's AND 50's to 80's LP/Single Re-Masters BUT EMI, BMG & SONY Did not "Like" my work.
Copyright you see, even if some of my stuff sounded better than theirs!! So It was "Deleted"
So I tread Very Very carefully these days and thats why you can only Glimpse my "Musical World"!!

But I digress,

Here's a swingy country slide guitar type of track, Remesinst of some of the musical cue's used in "Spongebob Squarepants"
I have 2 78's I got in my new swag of discs.

I like Em

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Fascinating Rhytm GOOD
Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Fascinating Rhytm TMNR
Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Fascinating Rhytm FAKE STEREO

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Farewell Blues (schoebel rappolo) DECCA AU DLA1667

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Farewell Blues GOOD

Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Farewell Blues TMNR
Sol Hoopii And His Novelty Five - Farewell Blues FAKE STEREO

Again These discs were Bought in a Lot of 40 odd for 10$, and most had been pretty "worn out"
so expect a bit of noise from the "ground out" grooves. It dosent matter to me, I only hear Music!

Milt Hearth Trio - Canadian Capers

Ive Had some Milt Hearth discs on before, But Ive had some nice emails from a Fan of Milts and in due course we will have some more!

Sorry No label Shot or info on this one, But It was on the Decca Label!

Milt Hearth Trio - Canadian Capers GOOD

Milt Hearth Trio - Canadian Capers TMNR
Milt Hearth Trio - Canadian Capers FAKE STEREO

Dick Robertson - Come Joesephine In My Flying Machine & Ferryboat Serenade

I managed to Buy some 78's the other day, thanks to a 10$ donation to the blog, Thanks.
Its the first 78's Ive bought in many years, and a box of 40 odd discs cost me 10$ !!

Remember If YOU know of any 78rpm auctions or have any floating about you'd like to donate to the cause please cointact me, I an NOT a collector and you can have them back after a transfer if you wish, I just like the music and Im "addicted" to restoring, the discs are of no consequence.

lots and lots of country (about 99%) and some of those will be here.
But first a Dick Robertson disc
Its very well recorded, with loads of "responce" in fact the range is quite startiling at first!

Dick Robertson - Come Josephine In My Flying Machine GOOD

Dick Robertson - Come Josephine In My Flying Machine TMNR
Dick Robertson - Come Josephine In My Flying Machine FAKE STEREO

Dick Robertson - Ferryboat Serenade (Di Lazziro) DECCA 67921

Have a listen to this one, wow what Quality in the recording, Of course the restoration helps a lot too!
Everyone "had a go" at this number in early 1940!

Dick Robertson - Ferryboat Serenade GOOD

Dick Robertson - Ferryboat Serenade TMNR
Dick Robertson - Ferryboat Serenade FAKE STEREO