Sunday, June 22, 2008

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues

Some Trad jazz Not much to say here but again a standard transfer and a quick 30 second restore.
I don't get off much on trad jazz, but sometimes i get in the mood and want to hear some.
i have heaps of Muggy's 78's because of a Auction sale of 78's when i got heaps of his and other TRAD artists and some that i really wanted. so enjoy the sounds and tell me what you think..

the B side will be up shortly


Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues FLAC

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues MP3

Again 3 versions Good - Too Much Noise Reductgion and a Fake Stereo taken from the GOOD version. and Please Play with your treble settings too get the "best Sound" and I State again that i restore these discs from "mostly" beaten up 78's that i bought at a aution 10 years ago. they are commercial pressings and have been (for all intesion purposes) been played a lot and have heaps of noise!!)

Woody Herman - Five O'Clock Whistle

Glenn Miller recorded a version of this song in the same week at the Herman band. the woddy Herman version is hard to come by so listen as woody solos all over the place and notice how his solos (at this time) sound so much like Tex Beneke's solos or is that just me. I don't know the singers name but she swings much more than Marion Hutton 's version with the miller band.

Woody Herman - Five O'clock Whistle Mp3

Woody Herman - Five O'clock Whistle FLAC

and remember to use your top end or Treble boost/cut for the full effect.
I restore these discs with my treble at 75%, If you listen with a "Flat" EQ it might sound muffled
so please "play with your EQ" for the desired effect

Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie

Although the Piano style boogie woogie style had been knocking around for years it was the band of Tommy Dorsy and of course Sy Olivers Arraignment of Pinetop Smith orig Tune that had it all happen again in the early 40's.. This is one of the TD band's Seminal hits. but always the transfers have been over compressd with the dynamic range squessed out of it.. have a spin with this transfer. Remember its from a 1cent 78 bought about 20 years ago at a junk type shop. Not the kind of disc you would take for a "proper" Transfer. but her the full dynamic and surprisingly the frequency! now hear for the 1st time the guitar strumming away. !

Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie MP3
Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie FLAC