Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Here!

Some nice sounds to come!

Ive found out that one of dead cameras (LCD Viewfinder dead) will output to a TV, which I can use a a primitive Viewfinder, as you would expect Taking "label" shots requires some fiddly settings and the right "light" set up. ! All I need now is some discs..

I did pick up some classical side's recently, some 80RPM one's too. Ill put the best of them here.

and Soon a Accete from Associated Redufision London's 50's-60's TV Network.

RIP - Les Paul - The New Sound

We've had this one before, but in the light of the sad news of the great man's passing here's one of my Fav tracks from Mr Paul.

I have quite a few of his 78's.. they are mostly on CD and sound superb so there's not much point of posting any more (is there?) Remember If you know of someone with a stack of 78's Tell me!! All I want to do is transfer them and present them here!, Im in no way a "Collector" all I want is to hear the music I love, not to ferret away dusty discs in a dark corner unloved.. that's the biggest crime to music, having all these great sounds hidden!. Hell I don't even have much of a collection! (can't afford any now sadly....) so If you know someone who wants some discs transferred for FREE, expertly too, just ask.

Les Paul - Brazil (Ary Barroso) CAPITOL MX42014

Les Paul created the "multi track" method of recording years before anyone else thought of doing it.
not only does he play all the Guitars but he uses different speeds to layer a true masterpiece,
I quite like the instrumental Les Paul cuts. This one again from a "played to death" CAPITOL pressing.


Les Paul - Brazil MP3
Les Paul - Brazil FLAC

If you just want to hear one version or you have limited bandwidth here are the mp3 versions that are not "zipped" up.

Mp3 Direct Links Via Rapidshare..

Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Good"
Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Too Much Noise Reduction"
Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Fake Stereo"

As per usual, with rapid share you may have to wait up to 60 seconds before you can download the song with a Free acoount.