Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tex Beneke - Texas Tex HMV

Here's Tex Beneke leading the Post Glenn Miller AAF band with an old AFF number (which for the moment Escapes me) Texas Tex on the HMV label

It's a great tune but played rather lacklustre compared with the "live" AAF versions available.
Nice to hear the guitar comping away though (try to find THAT on any CD version!)

Standard restoration applied, the disc was origianly found in a junk shop and had sevral layers of dust (in fact one side, this one was unreadble as the dust was rather "tar" laden) took a few mins soaking in ordanary household dishwashing liquid before the bulk of the tar incrusted grime could be scraped away!. so therfore the disc was a little on the "worn grove" side, It sound sounds rather good after carefull restoration.

Tex Beneke - Texas Tex GOOD
Tex Beneke - Texas Tex TMNR
Tex Beneke - Texas Tex FAKE STEREO

Im still writting various CD companies etc, so see if anyone is vaugly interested in my new restoration techniques Nope, One guy was and was willing to pay me roaylties of 10%, I did all the restoration and colating of discs and he did the rest. He never got back to me, which is why I put a "halt" on the blog.