Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TS Grace Gibson - Dossier on Dumitries Epp 1

Ahha after yonks i found some scanns on a mislabled disc. Unfortantly the pics are the best. just quick shots with a dig camera, and i can't get new photos!!

Another Transcription Disc (i'll pretty this up with a scan later!)

Document on Dumetries. (I know that's probably the wrong spelling but I don't have the Lable Scan)

From a 16inch vinyl Grace Gibson Orange Labeled (from memory) Disc.
I Also Have Episode 2 (on the other side)

I left a little "Noise" in as it seriously started to "Mud Up" the voices and the Ambeince of the recording trying to remove any more. (although most Aussie Radio shows I've ever heard (some thousands) that have been worked on by the cloth eared folk at the National Sound Archive sound very underwatery)

TS Grace Gibson - Dossier on Dumitries Epp 1 FLAC
TS Grace Gibson - Dossier on Dumitries Epp 1 MP3

Monday, August 25, 2008

Louis Armstrong Unedited Ampol (Australian) Show 13th April 1956

A transcription disc of Louis Armstrong's April 1956 Concert In Australia.
This is the complete unedited 48 Min version. A 30 Min version was aired. In fact this is the Only Ampol show that exists unedited!!.

From a Broadcast on radio Recorded by Myself. There was clicks and pops and general noise which I removed. the 1st part (the Ampol Intro) Seems to come from a diffrant Disc and sounds far worse than the Main Program. even when other People "uhem Transfer" a Disc I can still work wonders..


Louis Armstrong Unedited Ampol (Australian) Show 13th April 1956

As I still don't have a Premiere Rapidshare Account this will only be an MP3.. (Unless you can help)

Superman ARTRANSA NO. 1027

Here's An Episode of the Australian Production of Superman

In this Episode Robin (from Batman And Robin) Seeks Superman's Help!!

Sorry I don't have the Label scan ( I Transfered a load of TS discs and due to a HDD "crash" Lost every Scan of the dozens of TS discs I transfered).

The disc was Badly worn. It looked like several attempts had been made in the past to Transfer it, all to Ill effect to the disc surface. but it Scrubbed up pretty well. I have some more of these.

And remember I NEVER attempt to take away ALL the "Noise", doing this DESTROYS the ambiance of the performance.. I could make a Really Clean version very easily .. but I'd hate it.. (underwater sounding , no Top end, etc etc.. and I leave that to the So-Called "restoration experts")

But enjoy and remember to donate if you like what you hear!! (or at least tell someone who may Employ me!!) The donate Button should be on your left.. So far I've amassed 0.00$ from all my work. and these rapidshare files will vanish in a short time (if i had donations I'd get a PREMIERE RAPIDSHARE Account)

Superman ARTRANSA NO. 1027 FLAC
Superman ARTRANSA NO. 1027 MP3

Remember if this offends anyones copyright I'll take it off straight away. But I'm doing this to get a job in Restoration. Its not for profit. Just to get my work out. as a Online Resume.

Ian Grivve Said!
The Australian Superman starred Leonard Teale as Superman, Margaret Christensen as Lois Lane, John Meilon as Jimmy, Trader Faulkner as Robin, Michael Noonan converted the scripts from U.S. and then he wrote our own when the U.S. scripts ran out.

Podcast One

Here's The First Podcast.
You will hear Transcription Discs
Lp's and some Rare Lang Worth "Add" Discs as well.
Encoded at 192kps (unless that's too big, let me know) MP3.



There's a whole pile of rarites and are not on this blog.

and some of it funny as well.

how about an "onair" ABC Ident from 1948.

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