Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wilbur Kentwell - The Continental Parlophone MXA944

Here is some cool Hammond sounds from the maestro of the Theatre Organ Wilbur Kentwell

Check out the below link for info about the man himself

I have a few Kentwell 78's to put up here if anyone is interested!

Again 3 versions 1 Good, 2 Too Much NR, 3 Fake O Stereo

Wilbur Kentwell - Continental

V-Disc 832B

Here's Some Swinging Tunes from San Donahue and Chris Griffin (no not the Family Guy One!!)

A word About VDiscs .
They were Vinyl 12 Inch 78 course groove (like a 78) with about 5 and a half Min's playing time on each side.
as you could imagine they were made to send to the troops where ever they were, and so were played with steel needles and the like making a lot of them unplayable today. not only that the army destroyed 90% after the war fearing that the records would get out into the public. and with no real copyright on them that was a big scare for the armed forces.
most of them i have play pretty badly they sound like a lp that had been played about 20000 times and then run over with a steamroller, buried in soft peat for a year, and then had a clean with some sandpaper!!!..
But some interesting item appear on them as a whole. ok a lot were the Commercial 78 re-pressed on VDisc but a lot of the material was taken from Air-checks and the like.
so here is one side of a Vdisc. Check out the cool sounds of Chris Griffin years before Miles Davis and boppin with ease. or the swingariffic arrangement of Cocktails For Two.

There is some surface noise and clicks still present but taking them out would have taken a while and Automated would have Ruined the "sound"


Tommy Dorsey - Blue Moon

Wow this one is HOT !!
Tommy's band is in excellent form on this Arrangement.. and how i love the "call and response" style
Think of Marie and you'll get it. the band "sings" their response out and yes they are all song titles. how cool.
again Ive not found this on cd at all. although i did hear someones "job" of cleaning it up on another blog and yep it sounded like you had your head in a bucket of warm custard while the disc was being played in another room!!

Enjoy.. again 3 versions 2 different restorations and a fake Stereo one

sorry no Scan with this one.. as the discs is in storage and I'm cleaning 100 odd gigs of transfers some don't have "photo's" Of the Labels. OH it was on a Aussie HMV disc!


TD - Blue Moon MP3

TD - Blue Moon FLAC

George Trevare - Jungle Jive

Here's A Real Rarity an Australian big band of the 40's and my how they Swing!!

of course if you listen closly to the Arrangement George is quoting many of the popular tunes of the day. Can you pick any out?

Recorded on the Zegal Zonophone Label, I'd say this is mid to late 40's by the sound of the band and the "sound" of the recording.

Again 3 versions one "best" and One with "too much NR" and a dodgy "fake Stereo" one!

I have a few more George Trevare discs to up as well as his "Sothern Cross Seven" Combo


George Trevare - Jungle Jive MP3
George Trevare - Jungle Jive FLAC

78-RPM Tex Beneke - Swing Low

Now before I start getting technical about this and other 78 restorations let me tell you a bit about why I'd even attempt to do this.
Im a big fan of the Big Bands to the point I've spent more than 10 years presenting "Swing Type" Radio shows showcasing top swing bands of the day (and today!) playing arrangements that are SOLID! not the same old same old "In the mood" "Sing Sing Sing" stuff oh no sir, in over 1000+ shows I've not trotted out the old "standards" but played top arrangements that you may have never heard. In doing this I would pull out old LP's and Buy loads of CD's, Now i used to get VERY VERY annoyed when I'd hear a 78 that had A LOT of "Work" on it. to the point that all the "Top End" was gone. OK it takes most of the "scratchyness" away yes i agree, but it also kills the music FULL STOP. Now when i was a lad and played 78's quite a bit, If some mad scientist offered me a device that would take away 10 say 20 percent of the surface noise I'd have paid the earth!!.. so now 20 years later why do people think that if its not "clinical clean" Its not a good job?!?!? Well let me tell you as a Audio engineer AND a Muso that almost 70% of my 1000's of CD's are pretty much Junk to my ears. OK Ok you might think I'm mad at this point but when i hear a Sax section sound like it's underwater you might know what i mean. so i spent a few good years recerching how would be the best way to play and clean these 78's for my radio shows. after reading 40 years (1939-1980) of back issues of "Radio and Hobbies" I had a far idea on the technical aspects of the era that made the discs then i spend a few years perfecting the true Pre-Amp that would play me back ALL the sounds on disc. then i got myself a set of Truncated Elliptical Needles ( yes how quaint I call em Needles) But now i could Transfer the discs fine i needed the software to Master them. Well having a good play with the software over 10 or so years I have used it all. and it's all pretty Dire if you need to clean Properly. so I wrote some software myself, made me a few plug-ins and used a few existing ones and voila the Full Frequency range on the 78's to YOU without the Great treble Cut type of restoration usually heard.
But that's not all.. Ive made 3 Versions of each track

Version One - What I'd consider a good clean up job for my ears without the Noise Reduction effecting any instruments
Version Two - Which I call TMNR which stands for Too Much Noise Reduction, The kind of clean up job that I hate. but I also understand people will only listen to "CLEAN" 78's so its for them
Version 3 - A fake stereo Effect, Listen to this with your Can's on. Ive found a plug-in which can separate Certain frequency's for example in some swing type tracks the Trom section can APPEAR to be in the left hand side etc etc.. Again i don't like this kind of thing but hey, someone might!

Ok and on with the Track. Its Tex beneke's 1946 band with an old standard that the Army Airforce Band would play (and having Jerry Grey's Arrangements under contract with the Miller Estate) Tex would knock out loads of these tracks, as most people had never really heard Millers AAF outfit.
It's never appeared on CD and the disc i transferred this from is standard (sound wise) from 46, Ive got 3 pressing of this and they all have the Distorted sax part an the start!!

and how long does it take me to knock out these 78's Restorations? About 10 seconds of computer work each. The only time it takes is to Play each Disc Down the line!!


Tex Beneke - Swing Low MP3

Tex Beneke - Swing Low FLAC

Friday, May 30, 2008

Erich Winstone Play's 007

well having a bit of a look at the ol net like, I found this illuminating comment about this album I Quote:


During the 1970s Eric recorded various LPs for the Avenue International label, some of which included arrangements and compositions by composers who worked for the Amphonic library. His Eric Winstone Plays 007 LP from 1973 was co-produced and co-arranged by Syd Dale. Eric co-wrote Opus 88 that was included on the first Amphonic library LP, also composing for the Conroy and Francis Day and Hunter recorded music libraries. Eric died in 1974.

Comments: Eric co-wrote The Man With The Golden Gun with Syd Dale to showcase how they thought the theme for this particular Bond film should sound. Syd re-recorded it and released it again a year later on the Amphonic Super Sounds Unlimited LP. A driving, funky bass line played in unison with a Fender Rhodes piano and distorted electric guitar combines with drums that play an unusual pattern. This creates a throbbing rhythmic basis for the searing melody played by the trumpet section. The dramatic arrangement is complimented by the inclusion of John Barry-style staccato brass phrases, instantly recognisable from so many of his Bond scores. "

Thats from vinylvulture and it sums up the album for me, Great bond themes brilliantly played.

I had the album on Cassette (with a new cover and extra tracks) for many a year and have played the absolute oxide out of it. and then like out of a weird dream I found a mint LP in a Radio station I was working at 10 years ago played on my all new preamp the sound sparkles !!

again minimal work on this as it was basically a mint LP (kind of!)
Encoded at 320 (FLACS could be arranged!)

I have also recorded the "newer" (6 extra tracks not on the lp) songs from the cassete version and will upload them if people want to hear em.

01 - Eric Winstone - James Bond Theme
02 - Eric Winstone - From Russia With Love
03 - Eric Winstone - Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
04 - Eric Winstone - Goldfinger
05 - Eric Winstone - Diamonds Are Forever
06 - Eric Winstone - Mango Tree
07 - Eric Winstone - The Man With The Golden Gun
08 - Eric Winstone - Thunderball
09 - Eric Winstone - You Only Live Twice
10 - Eric Winstone - Do You Know How Xmas Trees Grow
11 - Eric Winstone - Live And Let Die
12 - Eric Winstone - James Bond Theme (Reprise)


As this is my first attemp at the ol rapidsharing let me know if the links really work please!

Big Band Operation - Sharps and Flats With The All Stars

Here's my first post!

A 60's Japanese big band?!? oh yes
You may have seen some of these tracks appear on other blog's before, In Australia Calendar Records released this one as well as a few more "Stereo SDS" sampler discs with various cuts, But for the first time here it is in full. It's a great LP well worth a look see, If you like the Enoch Light style of 60's Big Band!. And check out the cover it's a war on stereo itself.

As with my posts here the album was transferred using a direct drive turntable, my own designed Pre-Amp, Recorded at 48 KHZ by 24 Bit , very very small amount of "restoration" and encoded at 320 MP3 After a resample to 44/16.

My goal is to not use much "Digital Jiggery Pokery" as some other blog sites use. the real reason I started the blog was that I was appalled at some of the transfers that other people do,
You know the Jaggies when too much declicking has been used leaving "Holes" and the widespread use of so called Noise Reduction which destroys much of the musical timbe of the recording as it was meant to fix. As I've been doing this work for many years and professionally too I thought it was about time people had Quality Rips. Now Im starting this at 320bit MP3's, By far not my favirote format so if you'd like to see FLAC's of any of these please leave a comment. Ive also incuded High Quality scan's (Ok i havent a large format flatbed scanner and joining 2 scans always looks a bit dogey with my cheap scanner) Which i feel add to the whole experiance when listing to these albums, It's a crying shame that most blogers never include scans of the record lables or back covers which again i love too see!

01 - Holiday For Strings
02- Apple Honey
03 - Moonlight Serenade
04 - Five Spot After Dark
05 - A Night In Tunisia
06 - Opus One
07 - Topsy
08 - Jumpin at the Woodside
09 - Street Of Dreams
10 - Manteca


Big Band Operation - Sharps and Flats With The All Stars Mp3