Monday, August 25, 2008

Louis Armstrong Unedited Ampol (Australian) Show 13th April 1956

A transcription disc of Louis Armstrong's April 1956 Concert In Australia.
This is the complete unedited 48 Min version. A 30 Min version was aired. In fact this is the Only Ampol show that exists unedited!!.

From a Broadcast on radio Recorded by Myself. There was clicks and pops and general noise which I removed. the 1st part (the Ampol Intro) Seems to come from a diffrant Disc and sounds far worse than the Main Program. even when other People "uhem Transfer" a Disc I can still work wonders..


Louis Armstrong Unedited Ampol (Australian) Show 13th April 1956

As I still don't have a Premiere Rapidshare Account this will only be an MP3.. (Unless you can help)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I haven't been here in a while. Looks like you have been busy! Thanks for posting all these gems.

Sent a little something your way too. I wish it was more but I'm unemployed too.

Ade42 said...

Thanks a Million for your donation!!! Im now on my way to get a Premium rapidshare account.. So these Restorations I upload Wont dissapeer!!

Ive had the donation's up for a month now and you are the first.

Having this like this happen makes it all worthwhile..

Remember Im a few $ short of having a Premium account.. so if anyone else reads this please help.. I dont want all my hard work going into the void in 30 days..

and tell a friend about my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good work.
I know restoration is a heavy job.
on my way I do my own collection.
As an amateur, I use click repair & DC7,or Audition 3.
Hardware is to expensive for me.
Also my ears are so to see a 30 years older.
And ofcourse an old record may sound a bit like an old record.
Play it on a Grammophone! I say when people comments,that's how it sounded then.
Keep up the good work.!

I hope you will go on putting strange/rare music on the web.
And don't bother of premium account!
You can always put it up again.