Monday, September 22, 2008

An ABC "on air" Ident from 1948

The Above scan is from another "Show" but they all look alike!

Here's a interesting little snippert from the end of a Transcription disc Ive just cleaned up,
It's a contiunity anncouner !!! and is that the notes ABC ala NBC I hear?




Ian Grieve said...

I am not sure what you are asking here. Yes those are chimes. All the stations used them, I have a set myself.

Ade42 said...

What I meant to say is this. (i kinda rushed the orig post)

the chimes on the recording .. are they the musical notes A B C.
if so that would be kinda cool.

Its the only bit of "OFF AIR" conitunity/presentation Ive found sofar. It would be really nice to hear some more.

Im not just interested and genuinely like old radio shows. but would like to hear how radio stations "presented" themselves back then.. Its all well and good to hear the shows that survive but to hear some of the "in between" bits would "complete the picture" in my head at least.

Ian Grieve said...

Not sure re the notes. You are right regarding the extra flavour being the announcer/DJ patter. In Australia we didn't start recording until late 1930's and then the discs were expensive so rarely used except for programs that would cover the costs. Tape made changes in the late 1950's and so "air checks" became more common. I have a disc which was late 1940's with the control booth cutting in on the announcer making a mistake and saying "let's try that again" and then they continued on the same disc. Wayne Mac who put out that great book "Don't Touch that Dial" which documents Australian Radio from the 1960's, has some jingles/Bloopers and patter from the 1960's and 1970's on his website:

Give that a listen.

Thinking further, I do have some recordings with patter before and after programs, even including some ads, probably mid 1950's