Friday, October 17, 2008

Phew!! Neraly time for some more cool discs!

Been very busy laying down that wax.

in the last 2 weeks Ive transferred two full "milk crate" boxes of 78's
As I just play em into the system (checking the stylus each side) and have a whopping but Wav file ready to "cut and paste' into individual Numbers (I have a 2 foot pile of 78's still not "named" yet!!)

There's lots of common type stuff almost all recordings by Artie Shaw and Tommy Dorsey etc etc and many mutipules of each, Im disregarding what sounds better.. Its best just to transfer the Lot. found a few more "Joe Dainiels" which sounded quite cool. and loads of "other" stuff

A couple that "jummped out recently are:
Bob Chester and his band
Ken Griffin "at the organ"
Ziggy Elman
Johnny Hodges
Will Bradley (with Ray MCkinnley)
The 6 Alarm Six
Jimmy Dorsey's "original" Dixieland band

Plus some wierd Italian Mini 45's which are very very small (and I have the player too!) but they do play on my turntable (just)
and some cool tracks from some Seeburg 16RPM (on hold discs) fom the 60's. some nice Art Van Damme tracks on those!

and i could go on for hours..

Enjoy the scan
its a series of discs I'm transferring "when i can" they are not "rilled" so it takes time on each of em to "track" each "track"

Ive also been listening to a early 80's "history of pop radio" narrated By Noel Edmunds
which had a really interesting AFRS disc of Glenn millers AEF band. they just played Edwood G Robbinson Introing Glenn miller and it went into a string of pearls. and that version was very nice, they only played a breif bit but the Mic's were all set wrong and you could hear thej Rythm section clearer than before and Mel Powell was playing Piano riffs Like I aint heard before!!

Does anyone have a "clean" copy of this?

apart from that Ive been trying to "restore" a "grey market" Lp of Glenn Miller's AEF band in the UK with none other than Bing Crosby as Vocalist. They added a bit of reverb and killed all top end in an effort to "reduce noise" but it's still very nice to hear


Mike Hobart said...

I forgot to say, have you seen Glen Richards' website

Stormy said...

Does this mean you're going to post some of that cool Seeburg music from those 16 rpms? OR is it here somewhere and I can't find it?

Ade42 said...

OH yes I will be posting some more and some seeburg cuts, or entire seeburg "albums"
But im in the proses of moving Interstate to find work, Any work.. and packing is my main objective, keep posting and keep reminding me!