Thursday, November 6, 2008

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

Very "Enoch Light" sounds from Mr Harnell.
My Parents had this record and played it when I was very young, when I got a bit older I trashed their copy and spent the best part of 20 years trying in vain to Replace it!!
About a year ago I found a copy "online" paid for it and only the other week It came in the post!!

I really love the way out arrangements of the tracks, and get that crazy "tuned" drums. way out!!

The copy I received in the mail was ok. it had several large scratches which i have fixed up (in fact you'd never know they were there!)
and lots of general "Crackle" but still it was in better Nick than Mine (looked like My copy had been used as a dinner plate)
I employed very little Noise Reduction (hardly any but enough to clean some "noise out") and some crackle removing.

There is some light crackle left but to remove this would "muddy up" the top end and hey, Its a million times better Now that it was!!

01 - Asphalt Jungle Theme (kennedy-Ellington)
02 - Love For Sale (Porter)
03 - Lullaby Of Broadway (Warren-Dubin)
04 - That Old Black Magic (Will Hudson)
05 - Blues In The Night (Mercer-Arlen)
06 - Midnight Maddness (Joe Harnell)
07 - You The Night And The Music (Dietz-Schwartz)
08 - Take The A Train (Strayhorn)
09 - In The Wee Small Hours (Hilliard-Mann)
10 - Night And Day (porter)
11 - Solitude (De Lange-Ellington-Mills)
12 - Easy To Love (porter)

Joe Harnell - Asphalt Jungle

This Time I've Used "Zip" as the compression format. as I've had a lot of emails in the past about my "Rar" archives. Which apparently not many of you can open. so in changing to the "zip" format you should have no problems opening these on any computer without any "special" software.

Tell me how you go!!