Friday, May 15, 2009

Milt Herth Trio - Hijinks on the Hammond LP

Howdy all you Milt-o-holicks out there here's a Full LP by Mr Herth

10 songs on this 10inch LP Its sounds fine too, An Ex radio station LP that had a fair bit of use in the mid 50's

Their work on LP is ok but it seems less "frenetic" and Swingy as their work on 78. Mabey it's just me

The Zip file (opens on all computers, If in doubt the program WinZip may help) Contains the entire album plus all artwork.

Milt Herth Trio - Hijinks on the Hammond LP


Snicklefritz said...

Hi Adrian.....Thank you SOooo much for an entire Milt Hearth album!!What a pleasant surprise to find it waiting for me. We appreciate all your other music also but this is truly special. Don Moore

p.s. Milt used some new stops or settings on this LP. Listen for the bassoon and others.

Emme Demmendal said...

Milt-O-Holick...a benign illness, thank heaven.
Yup, he's slower, indeed not as frenetic. Seems a different organ altogether, but not bad at all. Definitely some great numbers on it.
Aren't we 'holics lucky with Ade?

BC3 said...

WOW! I'm trying to do a little research on early jazz organists and, according to WorldCat, pretty much no library in the US has Milt to share, but you do! Thanks so much. Any tips on where to find more?