Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tex Beneke - Texas Tex HMV

Here's Tex Beneke leading the Post Glenn Miller AAF band with an old AFF number (which for the moment Escapes me) Texas Tex on the HMV label

It's a great tune but played rather lacklustre compared with the "live" AAF versions available.
Nice to hear the guitar comping away though (try to find THAT on any CD version!)

Standard restoration applied, the disc was origianly found in a junk shop and had sevral layers of dust (in fact one side, this one was unreadble as the dust was rather "tar" laden) took a few mins soaking in ordanary household dishwashing liquid before the bulk of the tar incrusted grime could be scraped away!. so therfore the disc was a little on the "worn grove" side, It sound sounds rather good after carefull restoration.

Tex Beneke - Texas Tex GOOD
Tex Beneke - Texas Tex TMNR
Tex Beneke - Texas Tex FAKE STEREO

Im still writting various CD companies etc, so see if anyone is vaugly interested in my new restoration techniques Nope, One guy was and was willing to pay me roaylties of 10%, I did all the restoration and colating of discs and he did the rest. He never got back to me, which is why I put a "halt" on the blog.


mel said...

How about improving your acting abilities then? It can be achieved.

Ade42 said...

I've applied for a job at "Bunnings"
A position just came up in the one near where I live, It may go to a Uni student (more than likley) But at least it's something.
as far as acting goes at my age 0f 35 I think I'm a wee bit past it!

mel said...

I wish you every success for the "Bunnings" gig.

I cannot agree about your being past it regarding acting. There is always room for actors of all ages - from little kids to guys with one foot in the grave - in many theatrical productions. It's only the acting training that's hard work.

Anonymous said...


Just a quick word to let you know that you are featured in the Digger's Corner section of our Radio.Jazz.Club blogroll

Also, we sure would appreciate to be featured in your blogroll.

All the best.


Ade42 said...

Josie, Id love to feature you in my blogroll, but i don't know what it means, please tell me how!

I used to have an agent that got me some gigs in Add's in the past, I was going to do that here but "extras" need to drive for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted so say thank you for your passionate work - it's so amazing how you create the clean versions! "Keep the spirit alive!" - well, YOU DO ! :D

swingband2000 said...

The original title of this number is "Uncle Tom," comp. and arr. by the great Bill Finegan. Finegan wrote it for Miller's civilian band, but it was never recorded by the civilian group, but was played on at least one radio broadcast by that group and issued on a "bootleg" CD label. I am not personally aware of any AAF performance. When Beneke recorded it with the post-war Miller band, he called the tune "Texas Tex."