Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cab Calloway - Hep Cats Love Call

A solid swinger from Mr Calloway early 40's style.

No label shots for this one. From memory it was on the Decca label. Anyone have any info?
Again from a 100 gigabyte Cache I have of 78 Transfers which for the most part i have no label scans, Again I'm no collector (can't afford to be unfortunately) and transfer other peoples discs. Or discs I find at the Dump and junk shops (a rarity these days)

Nice pressing overall some slight distortion here and there other than that hear it without all the soul destroying noise reduction that "modern" CD reslease3s present!

So what Happened to the blog over the last few months?
Well ive been quite busy with some employment in the sound industry! well ok a call centure!
Was only a Temp position for 3 months and now its over and Im back sort of, Due to the fact that when like myself you are a temp and you get sick you go to work, no matter how ill you are. because if you dont go to work you dont get paid. No sick days for temps Im afraid. So in i trudges each day untill the enviable happened and I got the flu. Ok you say so what!!
Well I get the full blown flu once every 3-5 years and was not expecting it. Not in the least, and it started effecting my ears and I couldn't hear properly for a couple of months, used to have a lot of problems with "glue ear" as a child but not in the last 20 odd years!. so now im getting much better Ill start eking out some more sounds! Good news is I had specialist look over my ears and apparently I have exceptional hearing!

As the Jobs in Brisbane are non existant at the Mo ill work on some more Tracks for here! Oh and sign up for the Dole.

Rapidshare Links (remember Rapidshare is free, click on the free bit!) And im no fan of rapidshare myself if I had other ways of online storage the gear would be there.

Cab Calloway - Hep Cats Love Song GOOD
Cab Calloway - Hep Cats Love Song TMNR
Cab Calloway - Hep Cats Love Song Fake Stereo


Autumn said...

Nice. You do amazing work! I'm glad you're back. Thanks

Nathan said...

nice to see you back. oh and check my blog, it has something that will definitely interest you (seriously!)

Emme said...

Good to see you back! Keep at it, you're definitely doing something worthwhile here. Life's better with 78's!