Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Al Duffy Four

Here's some swinging tunes rarther like the Hot club of france but with some classical motif's thrown in for good mesure.

I Don't have Lable Scanns for these, I transfered 100's of discs a few years ago and backed up the "RAW" dubs sevral times but the Label "photos" (I used and still do use a Digital Camera as those pesky HMV labels with the gold lettering never come out well on a digital Scanner.

This Was (from memory ) on a red DECCA label. Here is both sides of the 78!


Al Duffy Four - Funiculi furicula MP3

Al Duffy Four - Funiculi furicula FLAC

Al Duffy Four - la spagnola MP3

Al Duffy Four - la spagnola FLAC


the jazzman said...

Many thanks for your efforts especially the Eddie Condon and Lawson-Haggart which I've grabbed. Appreciated.

Ade42 said...

thanks a lot.. I's good to know someone out there likes the stuff besides me!!..

How do you find the "restorations"?