Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Brothers Four - Beatles Songbook

Here's another weird album long since forgotten

The Brothers Four singing the Beatles hits (must have been '65 with all the cool Rubber Soul Songs)


The Brothers Four - Beatles Songbook MP3

The Brothers Four - Beatles Songbook FLAC


Luis said...

Any chance you can slit these up into 2 rar/zip files?

I can't download it because it's larger than 100MB.


Luis said...

Here is what I get:

You want to download the following file: | 176696 KB

This file is larger than 100 Megabyte. To download this file, you either need a Premium Account, or the owner of this file may carry the downloading cost by making use of “TrafficShare”.


Thanks for the response! And keep on doing this - your skills are the best! I'm sure you can find a job with your skills. How about a .com website where you do this for people? Like a transfer service - hmmm?

Ade42 said...

Oh ok, so what's trafficshare ?.
I'll try to split the files. might take a day or two to get around too.
but i'll remember to do this on all filers greater than 100 megs in the future

luis said...


Do you have any Frank Sinatra 78's? Glenn Miller? Benny Goodman? Django Reinhardt? Any more Fats Waller?

Here's an idea - how about a paypal link so people can donate!! Every penny counts!

Ade42 said...

Yes Luis I have 100's of fats 78's

and a load of Glenn Millers (plus some ultra rare AAF Lp's No not the RCA set either!)
Frankie Umm.. I think i have one or two.. I DO like sinatra but never have been lucky in picking any up!!.. I do have a transfer of his 1st recordings with harry james.Django Reinhardt I have about 2-4 Discs whith the hot club of france.

Luis said...

Sweet! Sounds like you have an awesome collection! I really dig the Fat's you have shared thus far.

Real shame you don't live nearby!

boppinbob said...

Found your wonderful site through your message on Reci's blog.Keep 'em coming.Also great Brothers Four post.
Info about your wonderful 78's a great bonus. Any chance of some recording or issue dates as well?

Will said...

Any chance that you can re-upload the mp3 file? Or could you plz send it to my email:

Many thanks!!!