Monday, August 4, 2008

Lots more coming soon

It's me as pike

I haven't stopped working on the blog.. I've been busy spinning discs!

But i have a problem. My rapidshare account has expired (Ahhhhhh) so now it's very difficult to upload anything as the Upload speeds for "free" users pretty much make me unable to post anything.

Some upcoming treats if i can get anywhere with rapidshare. (and my living

a few 10inch LP's all Dixie or Trad whichever is your prefferd designation!

Eddie Condon - Gershwin concert - Jazz Concert - We called it music
Haggart-Lawson Band - Louis Hot 5's and7's - King Oliver's Jazz
Pete Daily's Dixiland Band
Bob Scobey's Frisco Band vol 1 and 2
3 PIX Australian Trad/Jazz Rarities "the pix all star Australian jazz band" and 2 by Ray Price and his Port Jackson Jazz Band
The Basin street 6 2 MGM's
phew!!! that's what I've transferred today.. (found em at the bottom of a box of Damaged 78's I'd forgotten about)

And loads of 78's over 100 side have been transferred in this week!!
some one of a kind Transcription Discs of Australian big bands taken and transferred by myself from the masters. Including shows from the ABC taken off air.. not heard in 60 years.
the Bella Kantz Trio.. 2 whole programs recorded "Off Air" in 1948 from the original TS discs.

Plus I've been Transferring some of my V-Discs ( I may Have to sell em to pay rent!)

so if anyone has a spare rapidshare account going spare or could donate (see new donate button!) I'll get to work..

Yap I've added a donate button to the left of this page.. some kind users asked me to do this as they would be glad to help out. I feel a bit weird about doing this. seems to me a bit like begging. but I'm still using the same styli I bought 5 years ago (which have seen better days let me tell you and for which I'm still paying off) but with no job etc etc. anything helps me out, and the practical upshot is that i would be able to put loads more stuff on here (instead of rationing my computer to save power!! which saves bills which i can't afford)

I've just looked at Rapidshare Prices.. Bloody ell they have gone up.. it's now AU 89$ for a year
Oh well..

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mel said...

Just saw your comment over at Licorice Pizza's.

You have a great blog and I'm glad I found you.

Keep up the good work.

- Mel