Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eddie Condon - We Called It Music

Some Of The Dixie 10 Inch Lp's I've recently found..

This one has the cream of the "session men" of it's day.
Jack Teagarden on vocals, Who could ask for more

Cleaned up pretty well too.

Eddie Condon - We Called It Music

01 - We Called It Music
02 - Nobody Knows
03 - My Melancholy Baby
04 - It's Tulip Time In Holland
05 - Down Among The Sheltering Palms
06 - Ida Sweet as Apple cider
07 - Aunt Hagar's Blues
08 - Rio Grande


Eddie Condon - We Called It Music FLAC

Eddie Condon - We Called It Music MP3


Anonymous said...

hi man,
thanksamillion for posting this..i am laid out with a bad case of bronchitis and i have been looking in cyberspace for some jack teagarden...although i am largely a fan of more modern jazz i just love the sound of teagarden's voice...bless you from melbourne..nasty nigel

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this gem,

Here's one for you all

Autumn said...

This version of We Called it Music! Impossible to find elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Thank you