Thursday, August 14, 2008

Red Ingle - Mozart Turkey Trot

Red Ingle - Mozart Turkey Trot

Wow what brilliant "comedy" Piece.. Ive always Liked that tune Mozart Wrote (umm err don't know its name)
And when i was transferring a load of "Home Cuts" 78's copied onto Aeccate 78's i found this one (most of the "Copies" I had other "real" 78's to go from) But this one I'm stuck with the Accete and then I chopped off the 1st 5 seconds. so i could not "Restore" it properly.. so this is it some minor de-clicking is all i could give this one.. but still sounds mighty fine.. tremember ithis is somebody's "copy" of a Released 78.. cut at home.. you see sometimes it's not the amount of Computer "wizardry" that goes into any great "transfer" but a good preamp and a wise selection of Stylus.

Red Ingle - Mozart Turkey Trot FLAC
Red Ingle - Mozart Turkey Trot MP3


Ted Hering said...

Hi! The original piece is "Rondo a la Turca," or "Turkish March" by Mozart. Thanks for the laughs!

Ade42 said...

Thanks mate.. I'll append that to my "speel".

Ive always like the Motzart version (an old phillips tape my father had which i wore out).
and when i was in the middle of transfering a very large Accetate collection i put this on.. Unlabled.. and proceeded to fall about laughing.. since then i've found 2 more red ingle 78's that i own!!. soon to come..