Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wilbur Kentwell - Sleepy Time Gal and Louise PARLOPHONE

wilbur.htmlearn a bit about the Fab Hammond (and later Conn) player Wilbur Kentwell? go to

but first listen to his Artistry here and (unfortantly) only here.
I know a guy playing the Hammond may sound not so cool.. but with Mr. Kentwell.. it is.. *belive me!)

thanks to they guys that run Collecting Books And Mags . for putting a "blurb" for my Blog!!..

Loads more Wilbur Kentwell to be Heard. Here .. and ( very Unfortantly Here)

Wilbur Kentwell - Sleepy Time FLAC

Wilbur Kentwell - Sleepy Time MP3
Wilbur Kentwell - Louise FLAC
Wilbur Kentwell - Louise MP3

And Remember This whole bolg "exists" on your "donations" so far i have received $0. so If you have A Job ( I'm Unemployed paying $AU 300 a week Rent. and selling my discs before i can transfer them, which i hate.. Please if you can Donate) ..

I " Earn" 315$ AU a week I pay 310$ AU a week Rent.. I sell More Discs than I Can Transfer/Restore.. If and only if you can afford it ( gawd a Know yes I know)


Balam Nedim Kenter said...

i loved your blog. i can't afford it yet, but once i do, i will donate :)
cheers and good luck,

Ade42 said...

Thanks that means a lot,
as ive posted before, Im in the process of moving to find work, So the blog will be "quiet" for a few weeks.

but i hope to post some more next week!