Sunday, February 8, 2009

Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman - Studies In Swing

Ok here's one of my "surprises" in Audio Restoration.
while working on transferring a pile of 78's i found this one. Ok Ok so what's "New" about this disc.
Ok its in STEREO. what! you may exclaim a 1933 British Parlophone 78 in stereo.
yes and... no

what we have is the full backing, Minus Freddy's solo on side one, and on side two we have the whole arrangement. so whats new about that then you may ask?
well using some newly developed technology and a hour of "tinkering" I for the first time have "synched" this masterpiece in REAL STEREO.!! take a listen and by the way Ill give you ALL the sides too. you can "roll your own" mixes at will (who's will?)

The 78 was not in the best condition, It had been played literly to death by the time i transfered it. But with a little of my own brand of "magic" we can really apreciate what a great disc this really was.

Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman BACKING GOOD
Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman BACKING TMNR
Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman FULL BAND GOOD
Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman FULL BAND TMNR
Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman STEREO ver One
Freddie Gardner - Japanese Sandman STEREO Wide

This Was recoreded on the Parlophone Label (of which I diddnt make a photo)
Ive tried in vain to contact the BBC and other orgainisations who could make use of such a discovery, No one cares!

Here's a quote from wikpedia about them
  • Studies in Swing No.1: Tiger Rag.
  • Studies in Swing No.2: The Japanese Sandman.
  • Studies in Swing No.3: When You're Smiling.
  • Studies in Swing No.4: Baby Won't You Please Come Home.

On each of the records, the A side is the same four-piece rhythm section, backing a soloist, and the B side is the rhythm section without the soloist. The rhythm section is:

Now all i need is 1 and 4, any offers?


mel said...

Nice new posts, Ade. Being a long-time fan of Freddy Gardner, I'm looking forward to listening to your efforts.

All the best.

Dave, UK said...

Never heard Freddie before, but really enjoyed this. I wonder if the placing of a 'backing track' on the b side is an old form of musician 'karaoke'?
Thanks for the posts Ade.

Ade42 said...

Thanks mel!
And yes Dave side 2 was to "jam" along with, Being 1933 "swing" was relitivley a new "thing" so EMI made this series so you could learn the whole art of improv!!

Its a pity the disc was a bit "worn"
Freddys style of "warbling" would go out of style pretty quickly in the late 30's!

Anonymous said...

Ade, well I'm sweating on you finding the other two also. As a kid I used to go to a neighbour's and listen to the set. 60 odd years later you are bringing them back to my ears. Many thanks. KB.

Ade42 said...

Thanks KB,
I really hope to find the other 2 and do a proper Radio documentary about the artists and the recordings. But with my, well should i say No budget! Im not that hopeful, but who knows I might find a Job "this year" (been saying that for years now) and with the imminent threat of homelessness It may never be. But as the Rutles song goes.
"im Living In hope" !!

Im currently writing a letter to "Screensound" and the NF&TA,
but with the "credit Crunch" and the imminent "ressesiuon" "We had to have" Im currently fighting with centerlink to get some kind of support, apparently moving to a big city, quitting your job in the "sticks" isnt a good enough reason these days to get the basic of support from our esteemed government.
so any comments about how good(or bad!) my restorations are so-far is going on my "praise" list to send to relevant archives!

so how does it sound?

mel said...

Well, I think it sounds remarkably good.

Unfortunately, calls for recording engineers in your field and with your expertise would probably be more forthcoming in the UK where there are a lot of record companies who specialise in reissuing 78s on CD.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

Ade42 said...

Thanks Mel!!

Yeh that's something im trying to work on right now, Finding CD companies from around the world who would like to use my talents.
Its very hard finding email addresses. I spent 3 hours in vain today looking for a contact for Naxos and EMI and SONY. nothing not a thing!.

Applied for the dole today and was told I could not get it!
I cant get a "Separation Certificate" from my previous employer as he paid me cash in hand.
with the money I saved running out FAST There seems to be no hope.

Bugger this ill write a Post on da blog about my experiences as a Professional trying to get somthing to live on.

mel said...

You could try Dutton Labs (Dutton-Vocalion) in the UK. First take a look at their site, and then send them an e-mail to

I wish you every success in your quest.

mel said...

You could try Dutton Labs (Dutton-Vocalion) in the UK. First take a look at their site, and then send them an e-mail to

I wish you every success in your quest.

Anonymous said...

Good site Ade42. This is e811 from

I used to listen to old time radio programmes in Melbourne on 3CR years back, I believe. Nostalgia Unlimited being one show.

Recently moved back to Melbourne and the show has been heavily reduced in hours. Pity.