Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tex Beneke - In The Mood 1948

Helooo Folks,
As It takes several hours to upload ANYTHING on dial up Ive been kind of "curtailed" in what I Upload, But fear not I hope to get it sorted soon, I hope!

while finishing off a major VHS restoration project on a pile of Monty Python films and TV work that's never been released (Industrial films, Gilliam Animations, Early TV stuff etc) I decided to go though some of my Big Band VHS tapes and see what I could bung up here. The first Offering is from a 1946 15min short!
Yep its Tex Beneke leading the Glenn Miller Orch with In the Mood, Not my favrioute tune but its interesting to see none the less. and check out the strings!!

Pretty soon Ill upload the full version here as a Divx File which looks supurb concidering the tape's they came from. (and I made "fake stereo" versions wich sound pretty nice)
The sound was very crappy Optical film Soundtrack which has gone though a couple of Lo-Fi VHS dubs, I Took out as much "noise" as i could without affecting the "timbre" of the piece,
They came from a set (I wish I had em all) "Charley Video Presents - The Swingtime Collection"
There were loads of em and in the 90's I haunted 2$ shops and the like to pick up as many as i could, Most of the tapes came from a 1965 UK Tv show but there is a lot of real mcoy 40's films too.
Ild love to work on the original Films or atleast better copies but for now enjoy.
and next its a Miller Medely from the Tex beneke band, and they play Don't be that way AAF style!

My rapidshare acount nearly ran out (if it does all the stuff ive posted will be gone ahhhh!)
But some genorus followers to my blog dontated some $ and i have another month.


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why dont u change to its free!! and its soo much better

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there are tons of filesharing sites that are good. mediafire, megaupload, the list goes on.