Monday, March 2, 2009

THanks for the Support!

Wow its been a few weeks since I logged into my Paypal Account and It looks like ive had another Donation, Thanks Its going towards the "rapidshare" Premier Account as mine runs out in a few weeks!!

Oh and If any new Visitors are dropping by, Gday and welcome, All the tracks are free and are in HQ MP3 format. and some are in MP3 and FLAC, I stopped putting FLAC versions on when I moved house and the Internet speed is now slower than Dialup, Which is one of the many reason that I don't put more stuff up more often, Im sitting of about 800 Fresh Restorations, But those who have S L O W Internet will know! and Im spending all my "Internet Time" Applying for work, Any Work This of course is a Full time profession

Dont Let Rapidshare "scare" you either, Im doing this on the smell of an oliy rag, Hang on Oils too expensive, The Smell of a Watery Rag, If I had $ I'd have this as a Proper webpage and I'd have some storage space hosted somewhere, Rapidshare is NOT my idea of hosting the files but its the ONLY way I can do it at the time being. So when You click on a song, Have a look for the FREE link. I know its small!! (they like to advertise) And you can only get a few songs a day, But stick with it, It IS free. But If anyone has ANY webspace going to waste Let me know!!

Here's a photo of me made to promote this blog on other blogs/forums.
The reason I have a silly grin? It was so hot when i took the pic I had no pants on!

Guess the 78 Label Ive got in my hands!!

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mel said...

Don't need to guess - I can see quite clearly it's Melodisc.

I wish you the best of luck with your pic - your blog deserves to be promoted.