Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glenn Miller - In The Mood

I Don't really have to explain this 78 do I?

The reason im uploading this one it it's marginally better than any Official RCA Master.
There is Top end Ive never heard before on any CD, Lp, Cassette, 8track, Open Reel of this ever!
and Put those headphones on and hear my "Fake Stereo' version!!

But it comes at a price its a little distorted and its very "compressed to the point of distortion"
Ive had about 8 or so "In The Mood" 78's and this was the only one I bothered to transfer,
You see its not my favorite Miller piece at all!. Its probably its popularity that's turned me off the piece, I mean its not such a bad Riff type song, and I like "Lesser" riff based swing numbers!

Glenn Miller - In The Mood GOOD
Glenn Miller - In The Mood TMNR
Glenn Miller - In The Mood FAKE STEREO

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