Sunday, May 24, 2009

TS Disc - The Army Show - Epp 03

Here's a Aussie Curio, A program called "The Army Show" which is basicly a Propaganda program to recuit young men into the forces. Its got loads of music played by a "house band" which are mostly covers of top tunes around 50-57, and nope no rock and roll!

I think they were recorded around 56-58, I have no label photo's which is a pity as the date was scratched into the run off grove.

I have pretty much the entire run of these shows, but I'm missing a few like 1 and 2 !

The discs were 10 inch Microgroove Long players, and when I mean micro I mean micro, I think I used my "hardly ever used" 0.5 mill styli on these, as the 0.7 (standard Post 50's sises) and the 1.0 (mono LP) styli just played the worn "top" of the groove.

and of course with any of my "restorations", the discs that I took these from were not in the best condition and there are slight "distortions" present.

Anyone remember hearing these?

The Army Show Epp 03


Dave from the UK said...

Some nice tunes there!

Reminded me a little of the radio show Family Favourites in the '60s in the uk.


GoodiesGuy said...

any more of these?

these are quite interesting

Ian said...

What label is on the discs? I think they might be later, more like 1960's because we have documented pre 1962 at Are the labels Australian Army Public Relations? Robert Peach did a lot of work for them out of Melbourne in the 1960's.