Sunday, May 24, 2009

Glen Gray Or John Kirby Mystery

A few years ago, while transferring a large collection of someone's 78's I found a disc that He did not want Transferred. Being the Swing fool I am Of course I decided that Id transfer iot while he wasent in the room! and boy was I impressed. Not only "Sunrise Serenade" a Frankie Carle classic but "Undecided" also a Fav with me, Now when I first heard them I haddent heard much of Glenn Grey apart from one other 78 so i thought his style his well .... his. then I posted one of the tracks on YouTube and an Italian collecor (there are LOTS of swing fans there folks!) Told me It was and I Quote
"Hello Mr Gregg Just by coincidence i found on "You Tube" your recording of "Undiceded" that you credited to Glen Grey (Name should be Glen Gray ) on Decca - matrix 64711. In my opinion is this an error, "Undecided" was recorded by John Kirby and his Onyx Club Boys and recorded 28 october 1938 on Decca 2216 (Matrix 64711)"

so there we go, My question is, Is It Glenn Grey? Or John Kirby? whoever it is can someone send me more 78's of these two to restore!!! Cause I Dig the style

Ive also Posted this over at the Plamour and will update this post if anyone knows
Check it out!

Glen Gray - Undecided (Shavers) DECCA 64711 GOOD
Glen Gray - Undecided (Shavers) DECCA 64711 TMNR
Glen Gray - Undecided (Shavers) DECCA 64711 FAKE STEREO

Glen Gray - Sunrise Serenade (Carle) DECCA 65035 GOOD
Glen Gray - Sunrise Serenade (Carle) DECCA 65035 TMNR
Glen Gray - Sunrise Serenade (Carle) DECCA 65035 FAKE STEREO


mel said...

Ade, that's definitely John Kirby (I have this and many others of his on CD reissues). Glen Gray's version would have sounded completely different.

mel said...

If you like Kirby, you can get more from this blog:

Bal said...

I agree. Definitely John Kirby.
Really nice version can be found here...