Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fats Waller - Scram

Another Fats title for your delctaion.

Sorry about the absence of tracks for a while, Ive been busy with some work! yes work, real paid employment!.
Ok it was for a call centure but it was nice being able to "live" for a while rather than just to "exist"

Ive not found any more 78's in my travels (still have a few hundred to post here already worked on)

Not many people leaving notes of thanks (or of hate!) and I can see (from, rapidshare logs) that 10000's of people have downloaded tracks! So some observations would be nice. At least I could see that posting tracks is appreciated.

Well enough of that and lets get down to the track

Fats Waller - Scram. A nice Regal Zonophone Pressing showing some wear and tear. Although visualy perfect, Which is the great curse in collecting these things, looks arnt everything.

Fats Waller - Scram GOOD

Fats Waller - Scram TMNR
Fats Waller - Scram FAKE STEREO


Edd_Vick said...

Thank you! I've DLed a couple dozen of your releases.

Ade42 said...

Thanks Edd!

nice to see someone out there

Autumn said...

Sounds great!

Emme D. said...

Good to hear of your recent fortunes, Ade. Was awfully quiet here the last few months...
It is worth the while. Please keep going, some of us really try to leave some worthwhile remarks. said...

Thanks ! You are quietly making miracles on forgotten masterpieces.

sudzy said...

thanks. nice work.