Saturday, January 2, 2010

Geoff Love - Big Bond Move Themes MFP 1975

Geoff Love - Big Bond Move Themes

Stock Standard Bond tunes LP from Geoff Love, who at the time was releasing a slew of "themed" discs over at MFP (Music For Pleasure) Some of them not bad (and may get a airings here!)

Its very well recorded with a fresh bright sound which shows our yonger readers that cheap records didn't mean poor sound (a misconception ive heard a lot recently) Not bad arrangements apart from the titletrack.

A couple of "mis blown" trumpets now and again dampen the otherwise sterling performance.

The disc itself had the usual crackle for a "played a bit" disc. The restoration cleaned up all (bar one or two) minor clicks and sounds very very good. A little too good!!.. Could be my new LP Cart as well.
The best Shure cart M97xE is now used for LP's and its a world of difference. The cart is not to overly bright, has no discernible peaks and is very "listenable", compared to previous cart which became "grating" to my ears after an hour or so.

Zip File with Album and all Artwork ....MP3
Geoff Love - Big Bond Move Themes MFP 1975

My Fav Bond Cover Album is one of the first blog posts I made.

Eric Winstone Plays Bond 1972 Avenue Ill repost it. with the "missing tracks" I found on a later cassette release.

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