Monday, May 31, 2010

Still Sick!

Yep still sick, over the last month and a bit ive spent well over $2000 on various doctors and speclists regarding my left ear, got a recurring infection and its so bad I cant work (no jobs anyway so that dosent matter, not even temp ones) I keep really wierd hours due to the pain so if it aint fixed, i cant work. So after seeing 2 specialists (I like a 2nd opinion) and haviong a very comprehensive hearing test, I have exectional hearing btw! No one could find anything wrong. I knew it was a off and on again inner ear infection as i used to have em as a kid, no one would belive me so ive just spent 60 miserable, unpaid, no dole, days waiting.. just waiting for it to clear.
Well out of pure desperation to get back to any work (more crappy call center stuff no dought) so i could try and find more 78's and transcription discs to restore I went to one of those "medical Centre" doctors which cost nothing, which is why I went!

After a 2 min consult and a quick peek into my ear the doc had it sorted and now im on the mend at last. Its been pure hell let me tell you.

One of the bad things was I had to finish a contract at a call centure due to my illness (did 3 months and they wanted to extend me but i had to decline) and now no one wants to hire me (it seems, or there is just no work)

The next thing I want to do is Upgrade this site somehow, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

More Aussie Radio in ultra high quality?
More Big Band?
More "Public Domain-ish" Lp's?


mel said...

Ade, when I was very young (around 1953) I had a 78 - Decca, I think it was - of an organist who just might have been Wilbur Kentwell - I just don't remember, playing Who?/It Had To Be You.

Do you have any clues on this?

I'd love to hear it again.

Nathan said...

do more public domainish lps

cvllos said...

I wish all the good health for your ear; I know yoy love these shelack and so you couldn't be afar for them.
Bless God you be safe!