Monday, May 31, 2010

Wilbur Kentwell - You Cant Be True Dear

Another Wilbur Kentwell Waxing for your enjoyment.

It would be nice to restore more of this great Aussies recordings but alas, where are they?
Is there a CD company interested in my idea, sadly... no

Backed by Jerry Wayne, His son Jeff Wayne had a hit with the 1978 Musical Lp "War Of The Worlds" ah and dad Jerry helpd too!

Wilbur Kentwell - You Can't Be True Dear Good

Wilbur Kentwell - You Can't Be True Dear TMNR

Wilbur Kentwell - You Can't Be True Dear Fake Stereo

No label sorry, must have been a Aussie Parlophone!

Do you have any 78's that I could restore (and send back of course) and put on the blog?

This was restored a while back and "left of the blog" for no reason!

Again these discs are restored with NO MONEY and very primitave equiptment. the whole rig cost me unter $10, Image what wonders i could do with the right gar and some backing!!

These are only demos, not the Real thing

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