Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie

Although the Piano style boogie woogie style had been knocking around for years it was the band of Tommy Dorsy and of course Sy Olivers Arraignment of Pinetop Smith orig Tune that had it all happen again in the early 40's.. This is one of the TD band's Seminal hits. but always the transfers have been over compressd with the dynamic range squessed out of it.. have a spin with this transfer. Remember its from a 1cent 78 bought about 20 years ago at a junk type shop. Not the kind of disc you would take for a "proper" Transfer. but her the full dynamic and surprisingly the frequency! now hear for the 1st time the guitar strumming away. !

Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie MP3
Tommy Dorsey - Boogie Woogie FLAC

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