Sunday, June 22, 2008

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues

Some Trad jazz Not much to say here but again a standard transfer and a quick 30 second restore.
I don't get off much on trad jazz, but sometimes i get in the mood and want to hear some.
i have heaps of Muggy's 78's because of a Auction sale of 78's when i got heaps of his and other TRAD artists and some that i really wanted. so enjoy the sounds and tell me what you think..

the B side will be up shortly


Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues FLAC

Muggsy Spanier - Hesitating Blues MP3

Again 3 versions Good - Too Much Noise Reductgion and a Fake Stereo taken from the GOOD version. and Please Play with your treble settings too get the "best Sound" and I State again that i restore these discs from "mostly" beaten up 78's that i bought at a aution 10 years ago. they are commercial pressings and have been (for all intesion purposes) been played a lot and have heaps of noise!!)


Anonymous said...

What great music! Sends shivers down my spine. Good work mate, thank you.

Jazz-Nekko said...

this is one little joyful little bugger, isn't it?

sound issues aside, you really go all out ot restore these with care, and that is highly appreciated by me (and others i suspect).



Ade42 said...

Yeah thats the reason i spent a few years off and on reserching the whole Recording Thing, from reading (1939-1979) Worth of Electronics Australa and Radio and hobbies to get a technical grounding in the field to years of perfecting the "one" true Pre-Amp. Glad someone likes the work!!