Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - at the Hammersmith Palais de Danse REGAL ZON R4907

As talked about on a previous post, But worth re quoting :
"What you might ask. This is about as appealing as "Victor Sylverster's Dance Discs"

BUT, These guys played the "Charts" as written. No ad libs or musical gubbins anywhere.

so I think they are very,very important. Because, Just think some young fellow is getting into jazz/swing whatever and hears say charlie Parker or some such blowing his natural top on "Blue Skies" He might be amazed or think its kinda twee. But remember He's never heard a "straight" version of the song... Ever.. and is unlikely too as well. so How can he appreciate all the other versions of this song. quite simply he can't.. not without hearing it played "straight" and then hearing what his fav muso does to it. Get my drift?"

so that was my opinion last year and little has changed, apart from the fact I now Know that a little "soloing" was allowed, this after looking at the offical 4 part "charts" or Ork copy.

of course its apparently a "live" recording, and yes it doses sound like an OB unit was involved, anyone know any details?

but hey one of the greatest songs ever written. so there!!

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - GOOD

Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - TMNR
Oscar Rabin - Exactly like you - Fake Stereo

the label "photo" was made under hurried conditions, I don't own the disc (in fact Ive never been fortunate enough to afford to but very many) so its a bit poor. sorry!

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