Monday, June 8, 2009

2 from the TEMPO Label - Francis Craig

Here's two sides from the rare "Label" Tempo. they only made 13 or so discs and Ive transferred 2!

so Enjoy the material, anyone with other Tempo 78's? I Have another one by Wilbur Kentwell, which in fact the Pic you see here.

The Vocalist is Mr Bob Lamm, Thanks to Jeff for the Info.

Francis Craig - Red Rose GOOD
Francis Craig - Red Rose TMNR
Francis Craig - Red Rose FAKE STEREO

Francis Craig - Near You GOOD

Francis Craig - Near You TMNR
Francis Craig - Near You FAKE STEREO


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

Jeff in San Diego said...

Hi, Adrian.

Quoting your in the main post:
"Correct me if its Craig or Crag! I Don't Know."

It's Craig. See this page:

Thanks for sharing these two songs.


Ade42 said...

Thanks guys, Ill fix the name!. the file on Rapidshare will unfortanly stay the same!.

Jeff in San Diego said...

Glad to be of some help, Adrian.

Now it's my turn to ask a question ...

What is the difference between the two "flac" formats TMNR and GOOD?

Thanks in advance,

Ade42 said...

Sorry About the confusion,

Number one they should have been Mp3 files. I stopped using Flac early on, as my ISP has suddenly become a bit strict on what I can Download/Upload. So They should be mp3's Its Ok as I uploaded the mp3 versions and will change the links.

Of course FLAC for those who don't know is a supierier audio codec, the audio is basicly the same as the wav file with NO compression. the mp3 is compressed.

GOOD= What sounds "just right" too my ears, Im stopping just short of removing any Top End or any other transisnt Frequencys.
It still has noise, yes... But nothing that's on the disc is removed (Musicly), now that's a first. Of course the Good version has been rigrously cleaned and its sound a mile apart from the Raw dub.

TMNR= Too Much Noise Reduction
The TMNR is very simular to what you would find on a commercial CD, If this was to be relaesed. Ive gone "overboard" with the noise reduction, which effects frequencys and genrally muddys up the sound. I don't like it, but there are peole who prefer this kind of "work" and can only listen to "clinical clean" recordings.
Ive not gone that far of course so again a little noise is still eveident.

The FAKE STEREO, Is a effect I stumbeled upon when Writting a filter to do another task. It moved certin frequencys around the Left-Right stereo image and in some cases sounds very much like "real stereo" I know the purists may cry foul, but hey if you want the good one its here too. Im not much of a fan of the Fake stereo versions. but as it only takes me one more "click" to do I thought Why not.. and some people love em over the Good Ones.

Although these restorations are about the best you can get from the discs im using, Im not spending too much time on the work. perhaps 5 seconds and thats about it. Its mostly an automated process. with a min or two of manualy fixing. Of course if i was doing this "for real" Id spend much more time per "side" and have better tools!