Monday, June 8, 2009

Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues

Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues (Oliver) COLM B22975

One of my favirote Bands would be Mr Millers Organisation, wether the civilian band or the AFF one, Ive enjoyed it all (apart from one or two Novelty numbers!)

So here's a Blast from the past. It some of the Early Pre 39-42 band. Yep those elusive columbia 78's.

By the look of these Pressings Columbia were still trying to "flog" their recordings while the "real" band were on RCA Victor Bluebird (Or HMV here and in the UK), Shades of the Beatles recordings with Tony Sheridan being re-relesed thought the early 60's to try to cash in on the EMI Fame.

Still 2 "solid" numbers, and this time No Reverb. Yes the Offical Columbia CD of this set has the faint traces of Reverb and Bugger all Top end. (lets kill the treble and the noise policy). Im not Profeccing these are the best copies in the world. no just a junky copy I found, but with more "soul" than heard in the last 60 years.

Sold American was the B Side. I havent restored it as of yet.. anyone want me to?

Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues GOOD

Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues TMNR
Glenn Miller - Dippermouth Blues FAKE STEREO

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