Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ben Light - Perfidia Capitol

This is from the age of the cocktail pianist the likes of Carmen Cavallaro, Eddie Duchin, Frankie Carle and the list could go on.
This I assume was most likely recorded in the late 40's and its a surprising arrangement too.
Check out the machine gun speed of his playing!
This is one of my own discs that I've kind of played to death before i transferred it.
Oh and I don't have the disc on-hand to get a pic of the label so I've faked (rather shoddily) one


Ben Light - Perfidia MP3
Ben Light - Perfidia FLAC

If you just want to hear one version or you have limited bandwidth here are the mp3 versions that are not "zipped" up.

Mp3 Direct Links Via Rapidshare..

Ben Light - Perfidia MP3 "Good"
Ben Light - Perfidia MP3"Too Much Noise Reduction"
Ben Light - Perfidia MP3"Fake Stereo"

As per usual, with rapid share you may have to wait up to 60 seconds before you can download the song with a Free acoount.

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