Saturday, July 19, 2008

Josephine Tumminia - The Blue Danube - La Capinera DECCA

Some (to me) unusual recordings from a opera singer coupled with a big band !!
Its Josephine Tumminia with the band of Jimmy Dorsey.
Ive been going though some of my 12 inch 78's which were relegated to the back of a cupboard as i though them uninteresting, well was i in for a shock when i spun this one. Its just too hard to explain but its very good! Again from my own collection of junk shop discs which are not by all means "perfect" pressings. Again 3 versions my "good" version, one with too much NR and one fake stereo copy.


Josephine Tumminia - The Blue Danube MP3
Josephine Tumminia - The Blue Danube FLAC

Josephine Tumminia - La Capinera MP3
Josephine Tumminia - La Capinera FLAC

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Jannie Dresser said...

Heard this for the first time today and went looking for info on Josephine. It's kind of amazing! Thanks for your blog. Quite interesting.