Saturday, July 19, 2008

Les Paul - Brazil

Les Paul - Brazil (Ary Barroso) CAPITOL MX42014

Les Paul created the "multi track" method of recording years before anyone else thought of doing it.
not only does he play all the Guitars but he uses different speeds to layer a true masterpiece,
I quite like the instrumental Les Paul cuts. This one again from a "played to death" CAPITOL pressing.


Les Paul - Brazil MP3
Les Paul - Brazil FLAC

If you just want to hear one version or you have limited bandwidth here are the mp3 versions that are not "zipped" up.

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Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Good"
Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Too Much Noise Reduction"
Les Paul - Brazil MP3 "Fake Stereo"

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DJ Vollkasko said...

You know this, and I know this--without Les Paul and Bo Diddley no rock 'n' roll and no modern rock sound as we know it. But how come only so few people have Diddley-records (yes, there's even something on 78 out there...) and even fewer appreciate the stuff Les Paul and mary Ford recorded?

A tru mystery, if there ever was one...

Thanks for sharing this cut!

Krzysztof said...

According to wiki, Les Paul recorded it not on multitrack magnetic tape, but on modified disc cutter build by himself. And he was not certainly first to use such technique, since Sidney Bechet cut two sides (Blues of Bechet and Sheik of Araby) as early as in 1930s by recording one track to accetate disc and then playing it back along with performancing a next track (he was multiinstrumentalist and performed all tracks himself). As a result, american federation of artists got very angry and prohibited such experiments. Anyway thank you for great rip! I have never heard such crisp 78 transfers like yours! Hope you'll get employment someday as an audio engineer ):