Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies (Berlin) REGAL ZON DR5110

Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies (Berlin) REGAL ZON DR5110

What you might ask. This is about as appealing as "Victor Sylverster's Dance Discs"

BUT, These guys played the "Charts" as written. No ad libs or musical gubbins anywhere.

so I think they are very,very important. Because, Just think some young fellow is getting into jazz/swing whatever and hears say charlie Parker or somesuch blowing his natural top on "Blue Skies" He might be amazed or think its kinda twee. But remember He's never heard a "straight" version of the song... Ever.. and is unlikely too as well. so How can he appreciate all the other versions of this song. quite simply he can't.. not without hearing it played "straight" and then hearing what his fav muso does to it. Get my drift?

I have loads of these and will post one every know and then.. I hope you too may now appreciate your own version of "blue skies" a little better after hearing this.

Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies MP3
Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies FLAC

If you just want to hear one version or you have limited bandwidth here are the mp3 versions that are not "zipped" up.

Mp3 Direct Links Via Rapidshare..

Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies MP3 "Good"
Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies MP3 "Too Much Noise Reduction"
Oscar Rabin - Blue Skies MP3 "Fake Stereo"

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monk said...

very true what you say. i have played this song many times throughout the years and don't think I've ever heard a "straight" version! Thanks for your efforts.

Autumn said...

Dancers love this version. I play it often in SF for swing dancers and someone always asks me about it. We all appreciate the work you do.