Saturday, September 20, 2008

Slim Gaillard - Arabian Boogie (gaillard) MGM UK 10017-B

Slim Gaillard - Arabian Boogie (gaillard) MGM UK 10017-B

Slim the Father of rock and roll with another strange tune!!

MGM 78's are somewhat Inherently "noisy" no idea why must the "shellac" etc Used at the time. Every MGM 78 I have Spun sounds like Gravel had been mixed with the disc!!

Slim Gaillard - Arabian Boogie MP3
Slim Gaillard - Arabian Boogie FLAC


silentbacchus said...

MGM were from the very late forties and were made for phonographs with electric pick-ups. A lot of the cruddy ones I've seen were probably because they were played with steel needles like in a traditional victrola. I'm in the USA and I pick up really nice MGM pretty often that have probably seldom been played. Most people by the fifties were moving to 33/45s. I don't care for most of the singers signed on MGM, Capitol had better artists. The Notable exceptions being people like Slim Gaillard!

mel said...

I am a little surprised, because, according to the label, this record was pressed in England. This fact alone should have ensured better quality shellac.