Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transcription discs coming soon


Ok Ive found a Pile of transcription disc "photos" I took a few years ago.

And im cuurently working the audio's on some that will apper soon!!

And remember if you can "donate" Please do.. My aim is to have a real Rapidshare Account so this stuff won't dissaper any time soon.. and after that the aim is to have enough people that donate I can buy TS discs from ebay etc. and restore em for you. so click on the donate Button. You know it makes sence.


Anonymous said...

Raymond Scott!

wow! I'd live to hear that.


Ade42 said...

Its 2 AFRS shows. and they are very good. he doses this incredible arrangement of "pop goes the weasel"
Of course the only AFRS discs Ive ever played are very very beaten up this one needs a LOT of work. Ive restored it sevreal times before, even played em "on air" but I'td be nice to find a "cleaner" copy someday.