Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spining the discs

Here's some of my youtube clips in super high Rez..

They are pretty boring so you have been warned.. just the "regular" restoration over a montage of spinning discs on my turntable.

Teddy Wilson - Blues Too

Glen Grey - Undecided

Larry Clinton - Jeepers Creepers

If anyone has a Youtube account , Would you mind searching for "Ade425mxy" and give each of my vids a High Rating?. I'm hopeing to be "featured" I may get some real work that way!!!


mel said...

They're all great.

I tried to rate them but it seems that your ratings have been disabled...

Ade42 said...

Ive had a quick look at they are still there. you have to be "logged" onto youtube to "rate" the vids. don't worry it's all free to join em and its very handy as IT remembers what vids you've seen.

mel said...

Dunno what happened yesterday - I logged in as usual (mel1001) but that's what I got. Went back now and it's okay so I rated them all 5. Hope it helps!