Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dixieland Played By The Left Bank Bearcats

Before I left NSW to Sunny Queensland I transfered some 500+ LP's, Mainly Out of copyright Lp's that I could post here.

Well somehow, and dont ask me how, Ive lost all the "Raw Dubs" I do have a small sampling of some restorations I did. And here's one. I'ts of no matter I lost the Transfers, as I still have the discs, although they are 1200 Kilometer's away!

Its A W&G Lp, (they rescored the Seekers First) and most defantly OOP!.

some Nice Dixiland, and some odd tunes too, the LP was a bit worn but as you hear it's sound great now.

It's a Zip file, Most computers will be able to handle this, If not get a free copy of WinZip.

Gotta love the Cover!

Dixieland By The Left Bank Bearcats


Anonymous said...

Please, check the link because "not found"

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks.

Jason said...

Awesome, bought this record today based on the cover alone. Curious to check it out... as I don't actually have a record player!