Friday, May 8, 2009

Tiny Italian Record Player

Ok here's a Real treat, Ok not that much of a treat "musically" but a diversion none the less.
About 3 years ago and on merely a whim, I purchased this weird oddity.
Its a "Mini Record Player" The singles are small, damn small, and are all in Italian.

Its from 1969 I'm led to believe and it still works after some minor electronic work.
the singles are all recorded at 33 1/3 and the spindle diameter is the same as a "regular" LP.
So with my long transcription arm in place, and some minor cart modification, I used a standard 0.7mil Stily to transfer em, I tried smaller styli but Microgroove it was.

Most of the discs played back horribly, and I have about 5-8 discs.
So I picked a few that were musically interesting "well the best would not play all that well so here are

one or two have Fab "photo sleeves" while most don't. Ill load them here as there is no "zip" file that contains everything.

Bloody El, Like our "libary Lp's" performed by "session men" Covers. corr

And just like our chepo cover discs the back is a let down, Bahhh, Love to hear the other Waxing though

Ok Here's The Track
Gionchetta - Balla Balla Ballerina

It's the A Side "Apparently" anyone up to Translate these?

Gionchetta - Vedianoci Domenica

Oh Gawd, Now im not "racist" against Italians or nowt, but how some of the vowels are "sung" horrifys me.
When I first played this waxing I ran to the hills and waited till it finished!
I'd love to know whats going on in the song, Something about Cowly being in Malaysha, I take it not a Nod to ITV's The Professionals .Ok.... But thats how Im taking it.

Miriam Martinez - Malaysha OVER INT-10074

An "Epic" song I take it, A LOT of the Italian/Greek Songs ive heard from dusty 45's have this kind of "epicness"
Would love more

Popi - Te Ne Vai

Come on! Remember Arther Brown's 60's Oddity called "FIRE!" yeh that one, I used to play it a lot on "overnight" radio shows I did in another life. (People Requested it! and its kinda Cool) Ok you do 30 hrs of your own programming per week and try NOT to repeat anything, I could !
Here's the Italian version. yep Fuoco, say that 10 times.

Popi - Fuco

Thats a sampling of the discs I have, Would love to own more. and have enjoed playing the discs in the background when up to my arms in Vintage electronic "guts".

In fact this was the only battery radio I had when the Newcastle Floods came and we went underwater. I was awake for 2 days listing to the local ABC bdcasts on this! Its now in "bits" waiting repair. "bloody copper contacts broke" which "start the disc" yep those bloody copper "fingers" snapped while i had a lend of a HD camera to "film" the thing in operation for this blog, Bloody Tyipical. mutters off like Tony Hancock


Dave from UK said...

Interesting! The leather cover (with strap attachments) sort of gives the impression you could 'listen on the move' so to speak, but I bet you couldnt!

There seems to be a 'lot of sound' for such tiny records, or is that because of your restoration, Ade?

Nice post!

Ade42 said...

Yep and Yep!
You can "carry" the thing while it;'s playing. I should take a photo of a disc in "contact with the Mechanism". It does work (sort of!!)

Ahh yes the "sound"
Well I had to play em on my "transferring turntable" which is a cheap Pioneer Direct Drive Model.
I had to use a LOOOONG tonearm to "track" em.

and the Sound does not come from the unit. I took a feed from the speaker and then from just after the Pre-Amp stage on the player itself. then I played em on my Rig. Its like chalk and chese. They play pretty bloody well on my own Pre-Amp but with a LOT of noise. which i had to deal with.
which is why I diddnt upload all 8 or more discs I have, some of em are bad, real bad, but great tracks, if anyone has these contact me, and I'll transfer them for free! and send em back. I just want to hear more!!.

And get this, the big Record companies were in on it, I even have a CBS orange pressing. unfortunately warped to buggery (in was in the player when i got it) a great track a "western Italian type" Single

Frits said...

Cool machine! Love your blog.