Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins (BR Strother) ACO G-16039

About 9 months ago before leaving the city of Newcatle for Brisbane I bought some "oldies" yep some pre 1940 78's, and why not. the material is quite good !! and its a change from the big band stuff, well for me it is!

heres an example. I bought 2- or so discs for about 1-3$AU each. all in very poor condition, If your a collector or have seen a 78 up close, these were all "pited" IE: bits of the surface are gone. like some one sanblasted each side!. whether this is age or just poor storage I just don't know.; But all I DO know is I like what I hear.

so remeber each side has had a considerbale "restoration" applied. and when played there was so much surface and noise I wasent quite sure if there were any musical content, and yep after tryng about 7 diffreant stili!
so its just a warning. if you want to hear music that NO ONE has hearfd for 80- years great! and thanks!. if you want cristal clear recordings umm well... try to find better copys and give me a bell!
and no "fake stero" copies. not much point!! not much "bandwidth!"

Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins GOOD
Ernest J Gillegin - Moonlight Goblins TMNR

Ernest J Gillegin - Silver Tide GOOD
Ernest J Gillegin - Silver Tide TMNR

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Dave from UK said...

What lovely tunes! Remarkably clear considering the disc condition.

Cheers once again!