Sunday, May 31, 2009

HELP!!! camera "died" anyone with any suggestions on a Replacement

Ok as you may or may not know both of my digital camera's "died" within a week of each other (spooky or what)
I had a 5mp (which i only used at 3mp as 5mp was too compressed, can you say Oil Painting?) Kodak and a 5mp Sony. weird how they both went, and yes ive pulled em apart and check with a meter every component i can safely check. and apparently for both cameras its a common fault and the only solution is wel... the bin!!

so my post is this.. Im looking to replace the camera just to take photos of 78 and LP labels,covers. has anyone used one thats "ok" that can zoom in on a label and not "bugger up" a red and gold HMV?

I know this post may sound like ive good mad, but I may have found a second hand store in brisbane with 78's. and Ive just bought 2, at 80rpm and from the BBC. and would LOVE to post em here if i could "get" label "shots"

is there another way to do this, Ive tried in the past a Flat bed scanner (which i now dont have) but after snapping a "junky 4th copy" in half while tring to "flatten" the label so it would scan. I trhink flatbed scanners are Off Topic..

anyone with ant suggestions.? Ive got a few 78's ready to roll but need help!


Dave from UK said...

I have a Panasonic Lumix that suffers from artifacts just like yours did, so don't recommend it.

I don't know what your budget is, but my mate Glenn just bought a Canon G10 and that seems brilliant.

Hope this helps (a bit)

Ade42 said...

Hmm G10 eh? Ill have to have a look around.

Its a bloody shame As I just bought a pile of rare early 20's (Speed 80RPM) BBC Orch discs, and "Russian choir" discs. and I want to post em,. but I cant without Label shots.
Of course on my budget the camera will have to be under the 200$AU mark, which means crappy pics!!
But hey... Pics none the less

Anyone else try to use a Digital Camera for close up work?