Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks for some of the comments!

Thanks guys for some of the fine remarks about some of the posts so far, Half the reason I started to do this was to find out as much information i could about these 78's and what better way than presenting them here and letting "those in the know" help me out!
There are still hundreds of 78's Ive put up here that no one has left a comment on! so if you have a little info or just to add your thanks or abject horror please do.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks - great memories/samples of our previously forgotten past!!!!!

Ade42 said...

No Probs!, Now, if you know of anyone who has a pile of forgotten 78's let me know, Im no collector, I just want to transfer them and post em here!!

and yep lots more to come.

I just bought a pile of "Classical" 78's and from weird early BBC Orc's
and most at speed 80rpm!!
cost me bugger all but wow what content. well the ones that were not "broken" or cracked!!