Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Band Operation - Sharps and Flats With The All Stars

Here's my first post!

A 60's Japanese big band?!? oh yes
You may have seen some of these tracks appear on other blog's before, In Australia Calendar Records released this one as well as a few more "Stereo SDS" sampler discs with various cuts, But for the first time here it is in full. It's a great LP well worth a look see, If you like the Enoch Light style of 60's Big Band!. And check out the cover it's a war on stereo itself.

As with my posts here the album was transferred using a direct drive turntable, my own designed Pre-Amp, Recorded at 48 KHZ by 24 Bit , very very small amount of "restoration" and encoded at 320 MP3 After a resample to 44/16.

My goal is to not use much "Digital Jiggery Pokery" as some other blog sites use. the real reason I started the blog was that I was appalled at some of the transfers that other people do,
You know the Jaggies when too much declicking has been used leaving "Holes" and the widespread use of so called Noise Reduction which destroys much of the musical timbe of the recording as it was meant to fix. As I've been doing this work for many years and professionally too I thought it was about time people had Quality Rips. Now Im starting this at 320bit MP3's, By far not my favirote format so if you'd like to see FLAC's of any of these please leave a comment. Ive also incuded High Quality scan's (Ok i havent a large format flatbed scanner and joining 2 scans always looks a bit dogey with my cheap scanner) Which i feel add to the whole experiance when listing to these albums, It's a crying shame that most blogers never include scans of the record lables or back covers which again i love too see!

01 - Holiday For Strings
02- Apple Honey
03 - Moonlight Serenade
04 - Five Spot After Dark
05 - A Night In Tunisia
06 - Opus One
07 - Topsy
08 - Jumpin at the Woodside
09 - Street Of Dreams
10 - Manteca


Big Band Operation - Sharps and Flats With The All Stars Mp3


David Bruce said...

Just found your blog... and, the first (your first post) seems very intriguing (and, is now downloading). Thank you for your efforts and blog.


Jazz-Nekko said...


Nice post to start out your blog with - I saw these guys play numerous times back between late-'60s to mid-'80s: well worth seeing and listening to. Nobuo Hara is legendary here in Japan!

Let me know if you'd like to hear more of them, check my profile and drop me an e-mail. I could show you a, perhaps, interesting blog.



Ade42 said...

Thanks Nekko! Must have been a great band to see live. I also have a Stereo SDS sampler which has some more tracks (although from memory they might be from this album)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this record, I like it very mucho. Do you have more KING record SDS, thanks for all and best wishes from Mexico

miguel said...

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